UTM Campaign URL builder

Create a link with UTM parameters for an advertising campaign

When should I utilise UTM parameters?

  • You want to see where your users are coming from when you are running an advertising campaign on Google or social media.
  • You employ additional strategies to draw readers and potential clients, and you are curious about their origins.
  • Using e-marketing services, you send newsletters to your subscribers, and you want to monitor how effective they are.

Learn more about what UTMs are and how Swetrix makes use of them.

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Optional parameters

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These, and many other parameters, can be tracked on a service we have created - Swetrix Analytics.
Swetrix is a GDPR-compatible, fully cookieless analytics service that provides a wide range of options and focuses on user privacy!
Just give it a try and we promise that you're going to love it! :)